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2019 Falling Numbers Survey

Dear Minnesota Wheat Producer,

2019 wheat harvest has been extremely challenging with quality issues and weather delays. To quantify Falling Numbers (FN) severity, cause, and scope your participation in this survey would be greatly beneficial. This data will be utilized to attempt to draw a correlation to low FN as related to area, planting date, grain fill date, harvest date and variety. Data will be shared at Prairie Grains Conference and other meetings throughout the winter, to hopefully, aid in management decisions for 2020.

Your participation is appreciated.

Minnesota Wheat Research & Promotion Council

Please complete the form below.

Producer name is not required; however, the township will be used to overlay weather data to attempt to determine the scope and severity of Falling Number.

For each field, fill in the variety, township, planting date, estimated date of grain fill, harvest date and the Falling Number score. Click the green "Add Field" button on the right hand side to create an additional row for each additional field that you have.

Please complete only one (1) survey per farm operation.

Thank you for taking the time to complete this valuable survey.

2019 Falling Numbers Survey 2

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