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Minnesota Crop Progress & Condition

Minnesota Crop Progress & Condition

Cool temperatures and precipitation across Minnesota limited farmers to only 2.5 days suitable for fieldwork during the week ending May 21, 2017 according to USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service. Thirty-nine percent of the total spring wheat, barley and corn acreage emerged during the week despite field conditions. When conditions allowed, field activities involved planting and spraying.


The week’s rains increased topsoil moisture supplies to 0 percent very short, 1 percent short, 72 percent adequate, and 27 percent surplus. Subsoil moisture supplies were rated 0 percent very short, 1 percent short, 79 percent adequate, and 20 percent surplus.


Minnesota’s farmers were nearly finished with spring wheat planting with 99 percent complete. Spring wheat emergence advanced 8 days ahead of the 5-year average to 75 percent emerged. Five percent of the spring wheat was at or beyond the jointing stage. Spring wheat conditions were rated 0 percent very poor, 0 percent poor, 7 percent fair, 70 percent good and 23 percent excellent. The oat planting progress advanced to 94 percent planted. Seventy-four percent of the oats have emerged, 12 days behind last year. Twenty-four percent of the oat crop was at or beyond the jointing stage, one day ahead of last year. Oat conditions were 0 percent very poor, 1 percent poor, 18 percent fair, 66 percent good and 15 percent excellent. Barley planting progress almost complete at 96 percent planted. Sixty-eight percent of the acreage emerged, with 6 percent at or beyond the jointing stage. Barley conditions were 0 percent very poor, 1 percent poor, 9 percent fair, 63 percent good and 27 percent excellent.


Corn planting advanced 10 percentage points to 94 percent completed. Fifty-nine percent of the corn has emerged, surpassing the average of 53 percent. Corn conditions were 0 percent very poor, 2 percent poor, 16 percent fair, 75 percent good and 7 percent excellent. Soybeans were 72 percent planted, 4 days behind last year yet remaining ahead of average. Sixteen percent of soybeans have emerged. Dry edible bean planting was 26 percent completed with scattered reports of emergence. Sunflowers planting advanced 42 percentage points to 70 percent planted.


Source: USDA/Nass/MDA