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Maltby Marketing News for June 19

Maltby Marketing News for June 19

Kansas Association of Wheat Growers

June 19 Dan Maltby Marketing Newsletter


Hello Kansas Wheat.


This year’s wheat harvest is slowly chewing through the acres; numerous storm delays have been common. We see that in this map of last week’s precip…

Besides HRW and SRW harvest delays, the map shows the crop-saving rains in spring wheat country…AND surely the nation’s corn received a welcome drink as well.


Prices reacted, of course, and although the market knows these rains helped avert a disaster, for now, we’re about a month away from the key corn pollination window. Quite a bit of uncertainty remains on corn yields. Winter wheat is waiting to be cut; spring wheat is much better than it was; corn and beans more than likely are going to be pretty good. Sounds more and more like a “normal” summer.


And while that translates as “normal weather means normal prices, which means not too great” …more bushels are almost always better than fewer bushels


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Source: Kansas Association of Wheat Growers