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Crop & Pest Report – August 2, 2018

Crop & Pest Report – August 2, 2018

August 2, 2018 issue of the Crop and Pest Report. This is the Fourteenth issue in 2018.

There will not be a crop and pest report next week.

This issue is on our website at:

Submissions are included about the following topics:

Good Bugs II Workshop
Red Sunflower Seed Weevil Increasing
Scout for Bertha Armyworm in Canola
Summer Flea Beetles Feeding on Canola Pods
Soybean Aphids Increasing Slowly
Protect Pollinators – Wise Insecticide Use

Plant Science:
Soybean Progress

Plant Pathology:
Goss’ Wilt Update in the State

Soil Sampling Season Begins for 2019 Crop Year

Around The State:
North Central ND
Northwest ND
Northeast ND
Southwest ND

Weather Summary/Outlook:
The August 2 through August 8, 2018 Weather Summary and Outlook

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Source: North Dakota State University