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NAWG Weekly Updates, August 16, 2018

NAWG Weekly Updates, August 16, 2018

USDA Solicits New Sites for Research Agencies

On August 15, the USDA issued a federal register notice eliciting comments from “state and local governments, industry, academia, interested parties and organizations (about) potential locations that would accommodate the construction and/or lease and operation of a NIFA and/or ERS headquarters facility.” On August 9th, the USDA announced that it plans on moving the Economic Research Service, now under the department’s Research, Education and Economics mission area, to the Office of the Chief Economist, under the Office of the Secretary. Additionally, the National Institute of Food and Agriculture also would be relocated, although new locations for both offices have not been determined.

MSU Plant Sciences Faculty Part of International Discovery in Wheat Genome Sequence

A Montana State University faculty member dedicated to researching cereal genetics and genomics for Montana farmers is part of an international research team that published an article detailing the entire sequence of the wheat genome of bread wheat. The International Wheat Genome Sequencing Consortium published the article in the prestigious journal Science this week. It is the result of 13 years of collaborative international research. The article will pave the way for the production of wheat varieties better. Read more here.

USDA Adds New Tools, Resources to to Aid Producers

Agricultural producers have new resources available to them to prepare for and recover from impacts of natural disasters on the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s new website, The site has updated tools and information to help agricultural producers identify the right programs and make decisions for their operations. To learn more, read the Agency’s press release here.

NWF Seeking for WILOT Applicants
The National Wheat Foundation’s Wheat Industry Leaders of Tomorrow (WILOT) program will be taking place in St. Louis, MO, from November 11-16th, 2018 and seeks applicants to participate. This week-long training program that is sponsored by Monsanto is geared towards current leaders and those who soon could take on leadership positions at the state and national levels for wheat organizations. The program will focus on personal leadership, communicating to earn the public’s trust, agricultural policy, advocacy skills, and media and messaging training. Thanks to Monsanto, this program will not cost state associations or farmers any money to participate. Please contact Craig Berning, , if you are interested or would like to nominate someone to participate by Monday, September 3rd.

U.S. Wheat’s Steve Wirsching Participates in Wheat All About It! Podcast

Steve Wirsching, Vice President and Director of the Portland Office for U.S. Wheat, was recently interviewed for the Wheat All About It! podcast. In episode 86, Wirsching talks about trade and comments on U.S. market share. Created and maintained by the Washington Grain Commission, the podcast is not exclusively aimed at a Pacific Northwest audience. All 86 episodes of the podcast can be accessed through the Washington Grain Commission website at: or listeners can subscribe through various apps, including iTunes.

Source: National Association of Wheat Growers