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U.S. Wheat Associates Weekly Harvest Report

U.S. Wheat Associates Weekly Harvest Report

August 17, 2018


HRW harvest continues quickly in Montana and the PNW with strong quality indications; this is a very good HRW crop. HRS harvest is about 1/3rd complete and initial sample data shows test weight average of 61.7 lb/bu (81.1 kg/hl) and average protein 14.9% (12% moisture basis). SW harvest continues apace under hot, dry conditions; this is a typically good SW crop with low protein, low moisture and good test weight. The final 2018 Soft Red Winter Crop Report is complete and available online at

This Week’s #WheatHarvest18 Round-Up

Corey Hanson‏ @corey_hanson64 Minnesota Aug 11

#wheatharvest18 , anyone want to ride along and talk farming?

Wendell Falk‏ @falkfarms1 North Dakota Aug 12

I’ve been demoted…or have I? #wheatharvest18 #lastfield – at BitterSweet Lodge


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Source: U.S. Wheat Associates