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Articles of Interest – Monday, October 29, 2018

Articles of Interest – Monday, October 29, 2018

Drought to Cut East Australia Crop Output In Half From 20-Year Average
Alberta Farmer – 10/25/2018
Drought is expected to cut eastern Australia’s crop production this year to less than half the average over the past 20 years, with New South Wales to be worst hit, the country’s agricultural commodities forecaster said on Friday. While some regions are facing the worst conditions in memory, the Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics said the drought-hit areas are smaller than in previous droughts.  Read More

Brazil’s 2018 Wheat Crop Disappoints Once Again
Soybean and Corn Advisor 
– 10/26/2018
Wheat production in Brazil has always been problematic and that is proving true once again this year. The biggest obstacle to wheat production in Brazil is wet weather during harvest. Parana is the largest wheat producing state in Brazil and farmers in the state are winding down their wheat harvest with generally disappointing results. Late season frosts and heavy rains over the last two months have resulted in lower yields and inferior wheat quality. The second largest wheat producing state in Brazil is Rio Grande do Sul and the early harvest results are not encouraging. Market specalists are reporting wheat yields below what were expected with poor quality wheat also being reported.  Read More

Argentina Truck Drivers’ Union Ends Strike
– 10/26/2018
A strike by Argentina’s truck drivers’ union ended just hours after it began on Oct. 24, after the government said it would take measures to lessen the impact of high inflation and export taxes, Reuters reported. The Chamber of Port and Maritime Activities said grain exports were not affected by the work stoppage. Grain is transported via truck from the country’s grain belt region to export hubs along the river.  Read More

Wheat Market Tries to Form a Double Bottom
Successful Farming 
– 10/26/2018
A bit of a wild ride in wheat this week. Early week price action started slightly lower and then accelerated down by midweek, taking out the harvest lows. But by Friday, wheat regained most of the week’s losses on an Egyptian tender that saw the U.S. offer two cargoes with the lowest FOB prices. But the low U.S. offers were offset by cheaper shipping costs out of the Black Sea. Still, we managed to secure part of the sale. The Egyptian tender resulted in a purchase of 470 TMT – 350 TMT Russian, 60 TMT Ukrainian, and 60 TMT U.S.   Read More

Trade Talks With Japan Are In The Works
Morning Ag Clips – 10/28/2018
The Office of the U.S. Trade Representative will hold a hearing on Dec. 10 regarding bilateral trade negotiations with Japan that Washington plans to launch in mid-January, the Federal Register said Friday. The event will take place as U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer suggested President Donald Trump’s administration will push Japan to address tariff and nontariff barriers in sectors such as automobiles, agriculture and services. “Our aim in negotiations with Japan is to address both tariff and nontariff barriers and to achieve fairer, more balanced trade,” the register said. The USTR will also accept submission of written comments, notifications of intent to testify and testimony summaries by Nov. 26, it said.  Read More

Farmers Frustrated by Winter Wheat Planting Delays
Successful Farming – 10/26/2018

The waiting game that is winter wheat planting 2018 is about to run out of time. In Kansas – traditionally the nation’s largest producer of winter wheat – the USDA’s Risk Management Agency Planting Deadlines for Kansas ranges from October 15 (northwest Kansas) to November 15 (southeast Kansas). Delays in planting caused by rain have stalled planting progress so far, and could prompt farmers to halt wheat planting altogether and wait until corn, grain sorghum, or soybean planting in 2019.  Read More