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Minnesota Farm & Rural Helpline Available 24/7

Minnesota Farm & Rural Helpline Available 24/7

ST. PAUL, Minn.  The Minnesota Department of Agriculture (MDA) reminds farmers and their families that the Minnesota Farm & Rural Helpline is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The service is free and confidential. The toll free number is (833) 600-2670.

“These are challenging times for growers who are facing a number of economic headwinds on the farm. And during harvest, that stress builds for a lot of farmers spending long hours in the combine,” said Minnesota Corn Growers Association President Brian Thalmann, who farms near Plato. “All farmers should know this number is available when outside help is needed.”

Farmers and rural communities face unique stresses and emotional situations, including financial challenges, unpredictable weather, and physically demanding work. Stress, anxiety, depression, financial burdens, and other mental and emotional challenges are common.

The Minnesota Farm & Rural Helpline connects callers to financial help, mental health counselors, legal assistance, and more. Calls are confidential, but counselors may ask for a first name and phone number in case of a dropped call. Translation services are available in all languages.

The Helpline is also available to people who are worried about family or friends and aren’t sure how to help.

Farmers and rural Minnesotans can call the toll free number as often as needed at (833) 600-2670 or visit the MDA’s website for additional resources on farming and stress. 


Source: Minnesota Department of Agriculture