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Articles of Interest – January 14, 2019

Articles of Interest – January 14, 2019

Wheat Prices, Exports Set for Competitive 2019 

FarmLead – 1/14/2019

The first full week of 2019 came and went without much data from the USDA but wheat prices and canola prices found some strength on Friday, which was a positive.  This morning though, the Friday strength faded and wheat prices and canola prices are all lower with the rest of the complex … The U.S. Wheat Associates are expecting U.S. wheat exports to pick up in the coming months, thanks to the slower export pace out of Russia and limited supplies also in Australia after their drought-stricken harvest.

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Russian wheat follows global benchmarks higher amid strong demand

Reuters – 1/14/2019

Russian wheat exports rose slightly in the first half of January on strong demand from a major buyer, an increase in global benchmarks and a stronger rouble, analysts said on Monday. Russia’s rouble has risen against the dollar in January, while Chicago benchmark wheat prices were driven higher by factors including expectations that thinning supplies in Russia would raise export opportunities for U.S. wheat.

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Where’s WASDE? US Shutdown Delays US, Global Feed Crop Production Data

Feed Navigator – 1/14/2019

Missing USDA feed crop production data for the US and other countries add more uncertainty for US producers, as some companies predict a drop in US, Brazilian production.

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Trump Trade War: ‘We’re going to hang with him,’ says Farm Bureau Chief – 1/14/2019

The Sino-U.S. trade war, which has stymied U.S. farm exports, “is going to be a long one, and we keep delivering the message, ‘We’re with you, Mr. President,’” said the leader of the largest U.S. farm group on Sunday, adding a caveat. “The runaway of our patience is going to be determined by the financial situation of our farms. We went into the battle very weak.” In opening the centennial meeting of the American Farm Bureau Federation, president Zippy Duvall said farmers hope for a speedy resolution of the trade war, but said, “we’re going to hang with him,” meaning President Trump, who is scheduled to speak Tuesday to the convention in New Orleans. Senate Agriculture chairman Pat Roberts, speaking after Duvall, suggested a change in course: “Let’s trade with China” while negotiating over U.S. complaints of unfair trading practices and intellectual piracy by China.

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Storm Clouds are Brewing for the Global Economy

World Bank via The Herald, Zimbabwe – 1/14/2019

The outlook for the global economy in 2019 has darkened. International trade and investment have softened. Trade tensions remain elevated. Several large emerging markets underwent substantial financial pressures last year. Against this challenging backdrop, growth in emerging market and developing economies is expected to remain flat in 2019. The pick-up in economies that rely heavily on commodity exports is likely to be much slower than hoped for. Growth in many other economies is anticipated to decelerate.

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Blueprint for Plant Immune Response Found – 1/9/2019

Washington State University researchers have discovered the way plants respond to disease-causing organisms, and how they protect themselves, leading the way to potential breakthroughs in breeding resistance to diseases or pests.The results were published in the journal Plant Physiology and describe how plants respond to a molecule released during damage caused by infection or outside entities. The paper shows how adenosine 5-triphospate (ATP), a part of DNA and energy production in cells, becomes a signal for injury or infection when outside cells. That signal triggers defense responses in plants.

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Call to EU Commission for Clarification of ECJ Ruling on Plant Breeding

Feed Navigator – 1/8/2019

There was no definite outcome arising out of the MEP debate yesterday on the recent ECJ judgement on gene editing, but some members made an oral request to the European Commission representative to clear up any legal uncertainties in relation to that ruling.

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Source: U.S. Wheat Associates