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U.S. Wheat Associates – Wheat Letter

U.S. Wheat Associates – Wheat Letter

January 10, 2019

USW Colleagues Start Their Next Chapters as U.S. Citizens

Originally published December 19, 2018

Two U.S. Wheat Associates (USW) colleagues recently celebrated very special milestones: in December, Fiscal Officer Kurt Coppens and Administrative Assistant Nada Obaid became naturalized citizens of the United States. Read the full article here.

Farm Bill Renews Export Market Development Partnership with the Federal Government

December 28, 2018

U.S. farmers consistently produce enough wheat to meet domestic demand and still have about half of their crop available to overseas customers year. They support U.S. Wheat Associates (USW) with a portion of 17 state checkoff programs to build and maintain overseas demand. In turn that support qualifies USW to apply for program funding appropriated by the U.S. Congress and administered by USDA’s Foreign Agricultural Service. Read the full article here.

Pres. Trump signs the new U.S. Farm Bill into law on Dec. 21, 2018. National Association of Wheat Growers President and wheat farmer Jimmie Musick, (sixth from left) witnessed the signing.

Latin American Holiday Traditions Help Inform Wheat Breeders

By Steve Wirsching, USW Vice President and West Coast Office Director

Originally published January 4, 2019

In Latin America, the holidays are filled with special wheat food traditions. Mexicans celebrate the visit of the Three Kings to the Christ child with Rosca de Reyes (Kings Cake Wreath), a ring-shaped sweet bread. In Peru, wheat consumption increases with Panettone bread sales. This holiday sweet bread can be traced back to the Italian bakers that made Peru their home many generations ago. Read the full article here.

2019 Trade Policy Outlook

Originally published January 9, 2019

By Ben Conner, USW Vice President of Policy

If there is anything we learned from 2018, it is that the trade policy landscape is unpredictable. While many upcoming or ongoing issues are known, there are a range of possible outcomes within each, some of which could drastically alter the trade landscape in the future. Read the full article here.

Mid-Year Report: U.S. Wheat Export Pace Likely to Pick Up

Originally published January 10, 2019

By Claire Hutchins, USW Market Analyst

Due to the U.S. government shutdown, the U.S. Wheat Associates (USW) mid-year report on 2018/19 export sales reflects USDA export sales data through Dec. 13, 2018. Year over year comparisons are drawn from USDA data on Dec. 14, 2017. Though not current, the data still provides valuable insight into U.S. wheat export conditions as of late last year. Read the full article here.

“It’s been gratifying to witness the world’s receptiveness to U.S. farm and food products. Consumers worldwide have a true affinity for the American brand and immediately recognize the safety and quality of our products. Ted McKinney, USDA Under Secretary for Trade and Foreign Agricultural Affairs. Read more here.

Congratulations. We are fortunate to have devoted, loyal colleagues at USW. This month Financial Accountant Cathy Marais from the USW Cape Town Office, is celebrating 25 years. Thank you, Cathy, for your service to our organization, to U.S. wheat farmers and to our customers around the world.

USDA Reports Delayed. Due to a lapse in federal funding, several USDA reports have been suspended since Dec. 22, 2018, and remain suspended. Given the lead time required for analysis and compilation Crop Production, Crop Production-Annual, World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates (WASDE), Grain Stocks, Winter Wheat Seedings and other reports will not be released on time. USDA will announce new release dates after funding is restored.

Promoting Wheat … Not Gluten-Free. The Michigan Wheat Program recently shared this: U.S. consumers are hearing less about gluten and staying away from wheat products. This fall, the top-rated Jimmy John’s® sub [sandwich] shops made U.S.-grown wheat used in sandwich rolls the focal point of its marketing campaign. Jimmy John’s didn’t just mention whole grain buns but focused an entire advertising campaign on U.S.-grown wheat being used in its bread products. Click here to see the ad, which was filmed in a North Dakota wheat field.

Climate Change Effect on Wheat Quality Modeled. European scientists recently published results of a study that simulated “the combined effects of CO2, water, nitrogen and temperature on wheat grain protein concentration in a changing climate for the world’s main wheat producing regions.” The authors noted that based on their model, “climate change adaptations that benefit grain yield are not always positive for grain quality, putting additional pressure on global wheat production.” Click here for full results of this single study.

Washington Grain Commission (WGC) and USW. USW is getting lots of coverage by WGC this month. USW Vice President of Overseas Operations is featured in the “Q&A” section of its website and Vice President of Communications Steve Mercer is interviewed for the “Wheat All About It!” podcast. WGC is one of 17 state wheat commission members of USW and we thank them for the recognition.

Source: U.S. Wheat Associates