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U.S. Wheat Associates Wheat Letter

U.S. Wheat Associates Wheat Letter

February 7, 2019

The Passing of USW Colleague Muyiwa Talabi

Originally published February 6, 2019

U.S. Wheat Associates (USW) is sad to share news that our former colleague Muyiwa Talabi passed away Feb. 5, 2019, in Lagos, Nigeria, after a prolonged illness. Read the full article here.

Plant Breeding Innovation Benefits the Entire Wheat Supply Chain

Originally published February 1, 2019

This week, Wageningan University —one of the top agricultural universities in the world, located in the Netherlands —issued a press release about their research on using gene editing to produce “gluten safe” wheat so that individuals with Celiac disease can enjoy wheat products. It is possible to remove all gluten genes from wheat; however, this process has a negative impact on baking quality and the wheat-food product. Instead, Wageningan PhD candidate Aurélie Jouanin is researching the use of CRISPR/Cas9 technology to modify specific wheat genes to produce wheat with safe gluten that does not cause an allergic reaction. Read the full article here.

Wheat Foods Council is a Leading Source of Science-Based Wheat Foods Information

Originally published February 4, 2019

By Amanda J. Spoo, USW Assistant Director of Communications

In 1972, U.S. wheat farmers established the Wheat Foods Council (WFC) as a national non-profit organization to promote wheat-based food categories, including baked goods, cereal, crackers, pretzels, pasta, sweet goods and tortillas. Today, WFC is a leading source of science-based information on wheat and wheat foods nutrition, striving to increase awareness of dietary grain as an essential part of a healthful diet. Its membership has expanded to include grain producers, millers and bakers, baking suppliers, life science companies and cereal manufacturers. Read the full article here.

USW Reports on World Wheat Production and Exports

Originally published February 5, 2019

By Claire Hutchins, USW Market Analyst

U.S. Wheat Associates (USW) reports on global wheat supply and demand to its farmer directors at each of their board meetings. The directors meet in Washington, D.C., the week of Feb. 11 and the report will include the following update on marketing year 2018/19 wheat production, with one exception: the latest U.S. supply and demand data will be added after USDA issues catch-up reports on Feb. 8. Read the full article here.

U.S. Wheat Farmers Reaching Out to South Asian Customers this Month

Originally published February 7, 2019

Diplomacy is defined as the profession, activity or skill of managing international relations, typically by a country’s representatives abroad and, secondarily, the art of dealing with people in a sensitive and effective way. While the local representatives of U.S. Wheat Associates (USW) are well versed in the art of diplomacy, twice every year USW sends leading U.S. farmers overseas as ambassadors to the people who import, mill and use the wheat they grow. Read the full article here.

Recent News Releases from USW

Trade Mitigation Funds Will Benefit Export Market Development for U.S. Wheat Growers

“It is clear that we are at a tipping point for a growing number of producers. You can only lose money for so long. We’re at a vulnerable stage.” Marc Knisely, CEO, AgCountry Farm Credit Services, Fargo, N.D., from an article in Politico, Feb. 6, 2019.

It is National Pizza Day in the United States on Feb. 9. More than 3 billion pizzas are served in U.S. restaurants and another 1 billion pizzas are sold frozen every year. Whether it is thin crust, Chicago-style, deep dish or anything in between, pizza is an American favorite – and that crust is ideal for holding your sauces and toppings because it is made with strong flour from U.S. hard red spring wheat! Enjoy your pizza and read more here.

Field to Market Strategic Plan. Field to Market: The Alliance for Sustainable Agriculture’s new Strategic Plan builds on more than a decade of Field to Market’s role as the leading organization committed to defining, measuring and advancing sustainability in U.S. crop production. A major premise of the new plan involves leveraging the collective influence of the group’s diverse membership to meet this challenge and drive continuous improvement in environmental outcomes. National Association of Wheat Grower’s (NAWG) Environmental Policy Advisor Keira Franz represents NAWG on the board of directions. Read Field to Market’s release here.

2019 National Wheat Yield Contest. The National Wheat Foundation (NWF) is now accepting grower enrollment for the 2019 National Wheat Yield Contest. The Contest includes winter wheat and spring wheat primary categories and dryland and irrigated subcategories. NFW is accepting winter wheat entries between April and May 15, 2019, and spring wheat entries between June 15 and Aug. 1, 2019. Learn more here.

Buhler-KSU Milling Short Courses. The IGP Institute offers milling courses this spring at its campus in Manhattan, Kan., including: The Buhler-KSU Expert Milling course, offered in English March 4 to 8, 2019, and in Spanish March 11 to 15, 2019; the Buhler-KSU Executive Milling course, offered in English May 20 to 24, 2019. Click here to register for these courses.

Pasta Production and Technology Course. The Northern Crops Institute is hosting a Pasta Production and Technology Course April 30 to May 2, 2019, at its facilities in Fargo, ND. This course introduces participants to the fundamental and applied aspects of pasta production and quality. Click here to learn more and register.

Source: U.S. Wheat Associates