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Crop & Pest Report #3

Crop & Pest Report #3

No. 3 May 23, 2019

Inside this Issue

Chlorpyrifos Still Available for 2019

Alfalfa Weevil Degree Day Update2 Canola and Soybean Production Guides Updated

Waiting for Small Grains and Corn to Emerge

Aim for 175 to 200 Sugarbeet Plants per 100 ft of Row for Highest Sugarbeet Yield and Quality

Aphanomyces Damping-off and Root Rot of Sugarbeet

Planting Suitable Salt-Tolerant Crops Based on Soil Salinity Levels

Be Wary of Palmer Amaranth- Contaminated Seed and Feed Source

Delta T: A New (Old) Tool for Pesticide Application Decision Making

How do Soil Applied Herbicides Work? How do they Control Weeds

About Us: Plant Diagnostic Lab

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Crop Management Field School Set for June 19 at Carrington

Southwest ND

Weather Forecast

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Source: North Dakota State University Extension