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US Wheat Wheat Letter – May 30, 2019

US Wheat Wheat Letter – May 30, 2019

Oregon Farmer Gives U.S. Wheat Customers Lasting Memories of Their Visit

Originally published May 23, 2019

By Amanda J. Spoo, USW Director of Communications “How’s the weather up there?” That was Ric Pinca’s first question to Darren Padget when they met. At a height of six feet, eight inches (203 cm), Darren towers over Pinca’s five-foot, six-inch (168 cm) frame and most people that he meets. Pinca, the executive director of the Philippine Association of Flour Millers, recalls, “I couldn’t help but ask. But what has impressed me the most since then about this gentle giant is his passion for farming, commitment to his customers and a willingness to go the extra mile to resolve issues that affect the buyers of the grains he and fellow U.S. wheat farmers grow.” Read the full article here.

Managing the New U.S. Wheat Crop: 
A Natural Ingredient That Changes Each Year

Originally published May 24, 2019

By Mark Fowler, USW Vice President of Global Technical Services As U.S. wheat farmers finally start harvesting their 2019 winter wheat crop, flour millers around the world turn their focus toward the quality characteristics of the new crop. Each year, millers must remember that wheat is a natural product, so its “millability” (how efficiently wheat can be turned into wheat flour) and quality are affected not only by the predominant and new varieties, but also the growing conditions for the wheat you are buying. Read the full article here.

A Trade Policy Win for the U.S.-China Wheat Chain

Originally published May 28, 2019

By Ben Conner, Vice President of Policy It has been my pleasure these past four years to contribute content to this newsletter but, unfortunately, all good things must come to an end, as this will be my last Wheat Letter article as a U.S. Wheat Associates (USW) colleague. I am grateful especially to the half dozen (or so) regular readers of my articles. You may not like agricultural trade policy as much as I do, but it is a critically important part of this industry so thank you for working to understand it. Read the full article here.

New Crop HRW Demand is Up Significantly

Originally published May 29, 2019

By Claire Hutchins, USW Market Analyst As of May 16, total U.S. hard red winter (HRW) commercial sales for delivery in new marketing year 2019/20 reached a record 1.08 million metric tons (MMT). Read the full article here.

Increasing U.S. Rail Costs Hurt the World’s Wheat Buyers

Originally published May 29, 2019

By Claire Hutchins, USW Market Analyst U.S. Wheat Associates (USW) and many of its state wheat commission members are spending more time investigating and commenting on the potentially adverse effects of increasing rail rates and separate charges on our overseas customers, shippers and even local farmers. Read the full article here.

Source: US Wheat Associates