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North Dakota State University Crop & Pest Report

North Dakota State University Crop & Pest Report

No. 6

June 13, 2019
Inside this Issue…

News, Events, Updates:

NDSU Field Days:  July 2019


Size Matters for Cutworm Control

Grasshoppers Emerging

Sugarbeet Root Maggot Alert:  Fly Activity Peaks Coming in Next 2 to 5 Days

Plant Science:

Soybean Planting Progress and Predicted First Flower     


Cover Crops for Prevented Planting- Café Talks  


Rain-Splashed Herbicide Injury  

Maximizing Glyphosate Efficacy – Best Management Practices    



Around The State:

North Central ND            

Northwest ND  

Northeast ND   

South-Central/Southeast ND      

Southwest ND

Weather Summary/Outlook:

The June 13 through June 19, 2019 Weather Summary and Outlook

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Source: North Dakota State University Extension