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Harvest Report – July 12, 2019

Harvest Report – July 12, 2019

July 12, 2019


Favorable weather conditions have allowed HRW harvest to nearly finish in Texas and Oklahoma and progress in Kansas and Colorado. SRW sampling is half way complete with minor changes in data from last week, including slight declines in test weight and falling number and an increase in 1000 kernel weight. The HRS and Northern durum crops are advancing steadily in very good condition. In the Pacific Northwest, SW harvest has begun in the drier areas of Washington and Oregon.


This Week’s #WheatHarvest19 Round-Up

“Spotted 3 #Gleaner combines in a field of Danby hard white wheat. Farmer says it’s yielding above average. Finney County, Kansas #wheatharvest19.” via @KansasWheat in Kansas

“My son working hard this week. He had the option to stay with Grandma. He chose to work instead. #harvest19 #wheatharvest19 #kswheat.” via @BurgessHillFarm in Kansas

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“80 bu #wheatharvest19 #kansaswheat #kwa #wheat . 17 trucks waiting to dump at #gccoop Dighton.”
via @vlehmke in Kansas
“Crew has been working hard! #harvest19 #wheatharvest19.”
via @LBHaffner in Kansas
“We are officially half way done with harvest #WheatHarvest19 #Tam114.”
via @farmerdan97 in Texas
“We cut until the straw was too tough last night. But that 40% chance of rain that was predicted is sure going to keep us from harvesting the low spots we left in a couple fields for a while! #WheatHarvest19 #KansasWheat.”
via @kmerle7 in Kansas
“Trying to beat the storms! #WheatHarvest19 @KansasWheat.”
via @will_a_24 in Kansas
“Amazing sunsets and strong yields are a great combination when harvesting on the High Plains of southeast Colorado! @HighPlainsHarv #harvest19 #wheatharvest19 #shebournereynolds #customharvesters #wheat.” via @LBHaffner in Colorado
“Trying to push to get more acres done before the clouds decide to become rain clouds. #kswx #wheatharvest19 #kswheat.”
via @BurgessHillFarm in Kansas
“The one and only field that made it to #WheatHarvest19 @AgriMAXXWheat.”
via @JOBannon10 in Missouri
via @jjboyd80 in Kansas

“#wheatharvest19 Western Kansas HRW.”

via @ajcrotinger in Kansas
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“There is just something about the sound of wheat rattling in the wind. #WheatHarvest19 #KansasWheat #NienkeFranch #CropTourOnARainDay.” via @lipstickandcows in Kansas

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“Sun setting on another beautiful evening in Kansas. @JohnDeere @PlainsEquipment #Harvest19 #wheatharvest19.”
via @llc_nl in Kansas
“It has begun in SW Nebraska #WheatHarvest19 #nocaptionneeded” via @randon_peters in Nebraska
“#WheatHarvest19 #KSWheat #CaseIH
“Like many #KSwheatharvest farmers…multiple generations of people and equipment working together to get the job done! #76International #GleanerS77 @AGCOcorp #wheatharvest19.”
via @mbeezy21 in Kansas
“#wheatharvest19 is in full swing here at @Moser_Farms ! Surprising yield test weight and health considering the winter and spring we’ve had here! @JMManufacturing @JohnDeere.”
via @ohiofarmgrl in Ohio
“If we dodge the rains we might finish up #WheatHarvest19 tomorrow night.”
via @brettswff in Kansas

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Source: U.S. Wheat Associates