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Crop and Pest Report #14 – August 15, 2019

Crop and Pest Report #14 – August 15, 2019

No. 14

August 15, 2019
Inside this Issue…


Scout for Diamondback Moth and Bertha Armyworm in Canola  

Sunflower Insect Update             

No Soybean Aphids        


Plant Science:

NDSU 2019 Soybean IDC Scores Posted 

Tips for Planting Winter Wheat and Winter Rye (for Grain)           


Plant Pathology:

Lentil Root Rot 

Late-season Head Diseases of Wheat and Harvest Considerations             



Soil Sampling Season Begins for 2020 Crop Year 



Unwanted Pesticide Residues in Food    


Around The State:

North Central ND            

Northwest ND  

Northeast ND   

South-Central/Southeast ND

Southwest ND


Weather Summary/Outlook:

The August 15 through August 21, 2019 Weather Summary and Outlook


Source: North Dakota State University Extension