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Harvest Report – August 2, 2019

Harvest Report – August 2, 2019

August 2, 2019


The HRW harvest continues to advance with new lab data included in this week’s report. The HRS and Northern durum crops are maturing rapidly due to warm, dry conditions with 50% of HRS and 27% of northern durum having turned color. The SW harvest is also progressing quickly due to hot, dry weather; the first data from 11 samples is available this week.

This Week’s #WheatHarvest19 Round-Up

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View the Video on Twitter Here.

View the Video on Twitter Here.



“#wheatharvest19 grinds on past week 2… Weather has been less than ideal! #williteverend.” via @narj_15 in Nebraska


“Nice looking stand of hard red in Morrow County! #wheatharvest19.” via @orwheat in Oregon
“#Harvest19 rolls on at #ArnuschFarms. We continue to grind away at some really good wheat, but not so hard that we forget to enjoy our Colorado sunsets. #ItsWhyWeLiveHere#GreatWheat#TheEndIsNear.” via @marcarnusch in Colorado
“Getting ready to start the day’s harvest at the Bailie family farm in Franklin County.”
via @WaWheatGrowers in Washington
“Sometimes our equipment breaks down, we stop where we can get out of everyone else’s way and get to work fixing it so we can get back to #Harvest and feeding the world. #OregonWheat #wheatharvest19 #mechanics.” via @orwheat in Oregon

View the Video on Twitter Here.

“Break out the combines, it’s time to cut. #WheatHarvest19 #agriculture.”

via @mikebarbe in Washington

“Harvest at Malone Farms in Douglas County.” via @WaWheatGrowers in Washington

Source: U.S. Wheat Associates