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2020 Best of the Best RECAP
Presentations from Grand Forks and Moorhead

Soybean Research Recap
 - Dr. Hans Kandel, NDSU Extension, Fargo
Using NDVI Images for Predicting Yield and Protein in Wheat
- Dr. Joel Ransom, NDSU Extension, Fargo
Getting the Best Price You Can (Market Outlook)
- Dr. Frayne Olson, NDSU Extension, Fargo
(Presentation to be coming. Please check back)
The Bad and the Ugly – Bacterial Leaf Streak and Scab in 2019 
- Dr. Andrew Friskop, NDSU Extension, Fargo
Spring Residue and Soil Water Management following a Wet Harvest
Dr. Aaron Daigh, Dept. of Soil Sciences, NDSU, Fargo
SCN Coalition and Soybean Stem Disease Survey
Dr. Sam Markell, NDSU Extension, Fargo
How to Allocate Your Limited Resources to Get the Biggest Bang for Your Buck
- Dr. Bryon Parman, NDSU Extension Service, Fargo
Fertilizing Wheat and Soybean, Suggestions for 2020
Dr. Dave Franzen, NDSU Extension, Fargo
Are Northern Soybeans Catching a Wave of Southern Soybean Diseases?
- Dr. Dean Malvick, U of M Extension, St. Paul
Weather or Not, Use the Tools You Got
- Daryl Ritchison, Director North Dakota Agricultural Network, Fargo