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PRESS RELEASE: NWF Announces State Winners for the 2020 National Wheat Yield Contest

PRESS RELEASE: NWF Announces State Winners for the 2020 National Wheat Yield Contest

NWF Announces State Winners for the 2020 National Wheat Yield Contest

Washington D.C. (November 23, 2020) – Last week, the National Wheat Foundation (NWF) announced the national winners for the 2020 National Wheat Yield Contest. Today, NWF is announcing the state winners for the 2020 Contest which includes 77 growers from 25 states. The Foundation’s National Wheat Yield Contest offers growers the opportunity to compete with farmers from across the United States and improve their production practices through new and innovative techniques.

“If you asked the general public where they think wheat is grown, they would say states like Kansas or Nebraska,” stated Foundation Board Chairman David Cleavinger. “The National Wheat Yield Contest proves differently and shows the diversity of the wheat crop and that it can be grown from the East to the West Coast and in between.”

The contest recognizes winners in two primary competition categories: winter wheat and spring wheat, and two subcategories: dryland and irrigated.

“NWF would like to thank our sponsors for helping to make the contest available to wheat growers in the U.S. and, again, recognize DTN/The Progressive Farmer as the official publication of the Contest,” continued Cleavinger. “As the contest continues to grow, we hope to see growers from new states enter the contest and include wheat farmers from states not recognized in this year’s batch of winners.”


First Name Last Name Field County Field State Variety Variety Name Final Yield State Winners
Elvie Hunter Madison AL AgriPro Harrison 114.36 1st
Brett Arnusch Weld CO WestBred WB4418 79.67 1st
Doug Stout Latah ID WestBred Keldin 179.91 1st
Harlan Zenner Nez Perce ID Limagrain LCS Hulk 176.40 2nd
Matt Drechsel Kootenai ID WestBred WB1529 127.87 3rd
Dale Wehmeyer St. Clair IL AgriMAXX AM513 119.40 1st
Matt Wehmeyer St. Clair IL AgriMAXX AM516 110.72 2nd
Mark Krausz Clinton IL AgriMAXX AM505 108.36 3rd
Tyler Ediger Meade KS WestBred WB4792 108.43 1st
Andrew Lee Cowley KS WestBred WB4401 105.09 2nd
Darwin Ediger Meade KS WestBred Winterhawk 104.43 3rd
Sam Halcomb Logan KY AgriMAXX AM438 80.98 1st
Nick Suwyn Barry MI AgriPro SY 576 170.24 1st
Nancy Bartle Sanilac MI Irrer Seed ISF 727 147.32 2nd
Dwight Bartle Sanilac MI Diehl Seeds DF 112 140.50 3rd
David Rohlfing Gasconade MO Pioneer P25R61 113.05 1st
Todd Hansen Hill MT WestBred Keldin 45.99 1st
Matthew Sanderson Wayne NC USG 3118 109.83 1st
David Temple Camden NC Syngenta SY Viper 92.38 2nd
Richard Keiser Hitchcock NE