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2017 Funded Research


Description/Study Link

Dr. James A Anderson, University of Minnesota University of Minnesota Wheat Breeding Program
Dr. George Amponsah Annor, University of Minnesota Exploring New Methods and Technologies for Wheat End-Use Quality Testing and Benchmarking for the University of Minnesota Breeding Program
Dr. Ruth Dill-Macky, University of Minnesota Collaborative Research in Minnesota on Wheat Diseases: Bacterial Leaf Streak, Root and Crown Rots, and Viral Diseases of Wheat
Dr. Andrew Green, North Dakota State University Breeding Wheat for Intensive Management in Western Minnesota and Eastern North Dakota
Dr. Joel Ransom, North Dakota State University Developing an Environment Specific Decision Support Tool to Help Growers Determine and Optimum Seeding Rate for New Wheat Varieties
Dr. Joel Ransom, North Dakota State University In-Season Nitrogen Applications: Predicting Needs and Verifying Responses for Yield and Protein
Dr. Walid Sodak, University of Minnesota Maximizing Canopy Conductance to Enhance Spring Wheat Yield Potential in the Upper Midwest
Dr. Brian Steffenson, University of Minnesota Exploiting Genetic Variation for Wheat Improvement in the Northern Great Plains
Dr. Jasper Teboh, Carrington Research Extension Center Impact of Sulfur, Nitrogen, and Their Interaction on Grain Yield, Quality, and Net Farmer’s Return
Dr. Jochum Wiersma, University of Minnesota Southern Minnesota Small Grains Research & Outreach Project
Dr. Jochum Wiersma, University of Minnesota Red River On-Farm Summer Plot Tours