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Dr. James A Anderson, University of Minnesota University of Minnesota Wheat Breeding Program


Dr. Amitava Chatterjee, North Dakota State University Nitrogen Losses under Spring Wheat Production System in Minnesota


Dr. Ruth Dill-Macky, University of Minnesota Research on Bacterial Leaf Streak and the Root and Crown Rots of Wheat
Dr. G. Francois Marais, North Dakota State University Combining Key Resistance and Agrotype Genes for the Improvement of HRWW Germplasm


Dr. Karl Glover, South Dakota State University Accelerated Breeding for Fusarium Head Blight Resistance in Spring Wheat


Dr. Walid Sadak, University of Minnesota Maximizing Canopy Conductance to Enhance Spring Wheat Yield Potential in the Upper Midwest


Dr. George Annor, University of Minnesota Providing Rapid End-use Quality Characterization services to the University of Minnesota Wheat Breeding Program


Dr. Jared J. Goplen, Morris Regional Extension  Center Southern Minnesota Small Grains Research & Outreach Project


Dr. Jochum Wiersma, Northwest Research & Outreach Center Minnesota Small Grains Pest Survey and Wheat Stem Sawfly Surveillance