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2021 Best of the Best


Videos are now available on the MN Wheat YouTube channel.
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The North Dakota State University and the University of Minnesota Extension, along with the MN Association of Wheat Growers, MN Wheat Research & Promotion Council, MN Soybean Research & Promotion Council, ND Soybean Council, ND Grain Growers Association, and ND Wheat Commission have joined together to present producers with current research information. In this workshop growers will have the opportunity to learn from researchers and extension specialists.

What Current Research is Telling Us About Managing Fertilizer for Soybean Dr. Daniel Kaiser, Extension Soil Fertility Specialist, U of MN – RECORDING
2020: Wet Year, Yet Spider Mite and Grasshopper Injury? – Dr. Janet Knodel, Extension Entomologist, NDSU – RECORDING
Cover Crops After Spring Wheat – Dr. Hans Kandel. Extension Agronomist, NDSU – RECORDING
Considerations for the Xtend and Enlist Soybean Systems – Dr. Joseph Ikley, Extension Weed Specialist, NDSU – RECORDING
More Acres and Less Time – How Do You Address Climate Weirdness? – Dr. Jochum Wiersma, Extension Small Grains Agronomist, U of MN – RECORDING

Soybean Sudden Death Syndrome: Changing Lessons Learned in the Northern States Dr. Dean Malvick, Extension Plant Pathologist, U of MN – RECORDING
Foreign Matter Reduction in Soybean (2 for 1): Managing Herbicide Resistant Weeds While Protecting Exports Dr. Seth Naeve, Extension Soybean Agronomist, U of MN – RECORDING
Fusarium Head Blight – Andrew Friskop, Cereal Extension Pathologist, NDSU – RECORDING
Bacterial Leaf Streak – Andrew Friskop, Cereal Extension Pathologist, NDSU – RECORDING
Top Secret Grain Marketing Strategy (Have a Plan)Dr. Frayne Olson, Crops Economist/ Marketing Specialist, NDSU – RECORDING
Expected Weather Patterns for the 2021 Growing SeasonDaryl Ritchison, Director, North Dakota Agricultural Network, Fargo – RECORDING