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2020MAWG Elections

Structure of the MAWG Board

Seven members serve on the MAWG Board of Directors. Two represent District 1; two represent District 2; and three represent At-large serving the entire state.

Members serve three year terms on the board and there is a term limitation of three consecutive three-year terms.

Nomination Process:

To become a candidate and place your name on the ballot, call the MN Wheat office at 218-253-4311 ext. 1 or print the nomination form on this page, complete and return.

Nomination Deadline: December 9, 2020

Election Process:

Election for the At-large position will be conducted at the MAWG Annual Business meeting on December 9, 2020. Election for District 2 will be conducted by mail ballot.

Commitment for MAWG Board members

The MAWG Board of Directors meet approximately six times a year, usually in the months of January, February, March, June, September, and November.

The Board of Directors are encouraged to attend the MAWG Annual Convention in December, (Prairie Grains Conference) and the National Association of Wheat Growers meeting in January. There are other meetings or events that some of the Board members have to be at, however, they are more of a matter of choice if individuals can participate. We also have some  lobbying trips to DC. The officers usually attend these meetings, except in Feb/March, when the new board members are encouraged to travel with the MAWG officers to meet with our elected officials in St. Paul.

Board meetings are usually held in Red Lake Falls (or via zoom) and last about four-six hours. Information is sent out via email regularly to keep Board members updated. The time commitment after the regular board meetings is up to each individual board member. We always say “the farm and family always comes before MAWG activities”. Everyone understands this, but sometimes board members have not always followed that rule when pressing issues were at hand. Many of our board members say that being on the board has helped them in their farming operations, i.e. meeting people with new ideas, expanding their knowledge and generally helping them take a larger view of the industry they are in.

Board members are not paid for their involvement, however, their travel related expenses are covered by MAWG. In addition, each active board member receives a $50 per meeting stipend (plus mileage of applicable) that is meant to cover some of the other costs associated with being a board member.

Thank you for your interest in your Association. If you have questions, please call 218-253-4311 ext. 1.

Positions Up For Election

District 1 – 2 Directors – No positions open

District #2 – 2 Directors – 2 positions open

1 – Incumbent – Mike Gunderson, Bejou


At-large – 3 Directors – 1 position open

1 – Incumbent – Steve Lacey, Wendell