4     Taming the Bulls and Bears
5     NAWG Takes Major Actions to Improve Organization
6     Legislative Issues Looming
8    The Changing World of Plant Genetics
10  Concern Grows Over New Soybean Pest
11  Covering a Ghost Disease
12  Increasing Market Opportunities in Asia
14  Making the Right Choice
15  Wheat Quality Counts
16  Research Tackles Soybean Challenges
18  Trade Issues a Top Farm Priority
19  Market Outlook for 2020
20  2020 AMBA Recommended Malting Barley Varieties
22  Learning From Those Who Do
24  Choosing the Right Cover Crop
25  Management Matters
26  Does it Pay to Apply Fungicides to Wheat at Flag-leaf Emergence?
28  Income Potential and Weather Fight Against WW Seeding
30  USW Board of Directors Elect Officers for 2020/21