4   Taming the Bulls and Bears
5   Wheat Growers Lead Ag Coalition Against California’s Flawed Classification of
Environmentally-Safe Herbicide
6   The Fungicide Spraying Decision
8   The Root of the Problem
10 Reaching Full Soybean Potential
12 Hergert Given Meritorious Service Award
14 Low Wheat Prices: It’s Russia’s Fault
16 Better Decisions Through Remote Sensing
18 Soybean Iron Deficiency Chlorosis
20 Down on the Farm
22 Dealing with Soybean Aphids
24 You versus Average
28 General Mills Deepens Investment in Soil Health
30 Setting Up Flexible Lease Agreements
32 Hoping the Good News on EU Re-registration of Glyphosate is not Meaningless
33 Northern Crops Institute Names Next Director
34 A Changing World
37 Marketing Matters
38 Getting It Right