4     Taming the Bulls and Bears
5      Market Signals Best Time to Buy is Now
6      Why Was 2016 A ‘Bad’ Year for IDC in Soybeans?
8      September Marketing Seminar
10    2016 Minnesota Spring Wheat Varieties
12    Nitrogen Management Under No Till Wheat Production
14    2016 North Dakota Wheat Varieties
16    Minnesota Wheat Council Funds Small Plot Research throughout Minnesota
17    MN Wheat Young Leader Program
18    MN Buffers and Water Quality
20    Soybean Oil Plays Key Role in Product That Could Extend Road Life
22    African Flour Millers Assess U.S Wheat Quality and Trade Opportunities
24    Will Low Protein U.S. HRW Crop Support Protein Premiums for HRS?
26    World Wheat Supply and Demand Situation and Outlook
27    Winter Wheat Variety Selection
30    World Wheat Crop Again Pushing Record Production