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Research Committee

What is the Small Grains Research & Communications Committee?

The Committee was formed in 1992 by producers, industry representatives, and the University of Minnesota. The goal of the Committee is to promote necessary small grain research and to communicate timely research information in order to assist in the production of small grains in Minnesota. The SGRCC is a committee of the Minnesota Wheat Research and Promotion Council.


An important goal of the committee is to identify and promote research necessary for the economic production of small grains in Minnesota. With new production problems emerging as we move toward alternative farming practices, research that will help us overcome these problems is important. At the same time, new opportunities also develop that will require study.

Working Together

With a limited base of funds generated by the wheat check-off, we need to get the most out of any research that is funded. And we need to find ways from private sources, while at the same time promoting continued public sector funding for research. This will all be better accomplished if we all work together.


Many different companies, organizations and agencies are providing valuable production information to small grain growers. Finding a way to coordinate and cooperate so that we can all improve how this information gets out to you is a primary goal of the SGRCC.

Producer Input

But the true definition of communication means that the Committee also needs to know what the producer needs. What production questions do the producers have and are they being answered. What ideas does the producer have that will help them grow wheat better. If you are interested in serving a 3-year term on the Research and Communications Committee please contact Tony Brateng, current Chairman at 218-463-1997 (e-mail:, or the Minnesota Wheat offices at 218-253-4311 (e-mail