The fifth issue of NDSU’s Crop & Pest Report is here! In this issue:
  • IPM Crop Survey Starts
  • Watch for Aster Leafhoppers in Canola
  • Corn Rootworm Eggs Hatching
  • Stripe Rust Update and Information for North Dakota Wheat Growers
  • Leaf Spots and Discolorations in Wheat
  • Fighting Phytophthora in Soybeans Pt. 1
  • A Common Disease of Alfalfa, Spring Black Stem
  • A Final Plea for Farmers to Consider Covering Discs Behind Ammonia Knives
  • Best Time to Side-dress Corn in North Dakota
  • Growth Stage Cutoff in Small Grains
  • Should I File a Pesticide Complaint?
  • Ash Anthracnose Returns
  • Northeast ND
  • Northwest ND
  • South-Central/Southeast ND
  • Attend the 2024 Crop Management Field School
  • The June 6 to June 12, 2024 Weather Summary and Outlook

Read the full report here.

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