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Tuesday, June 21, 2022 Village Green Golf Course, Moorhead, MN & Thursday, July 14, 2022 Sandhill River Golf Course, Fertile, MN at 1:00pm.

If you grow spring wheat in Minnesota, we are asking you to help us gather this information by completing our survey.



Since 1975, the Minnesota Association of Wheat Growers has been working to represent YOU, the producer, at the state and national level. MAWG funds a lobbyist to voice your concerns in St. Paul and Washington DC.

As a member of MAWG you are also a member of the National Association of Wheat Growers. A portion of your MAWG dues goes to the National Association of Wheat Growers. NAWG funds lobbyists to represent the wheat industry in Washington DC.

Membership dues in the MAWG fund lobbying efforts on issues that improve profits for Minnesota wheat producers and support educational programs. Many important projects and policies have become reality because of the efforts of MAWG. Everyone pays the wheat check-off, however that does not make you a member of MAWG. Checkoff dollars and MAWG membership dues support different activities.

Checkoff dollars fund the Minnesota Wheat Research and Promotion Council (MWRPC). The MWRPC directs those funds to develop new wheat varieties, improve production, find new uses and help promote wheat exports and domestic uses of wheat.

The MAWG and MWRPC work together on grower education and promotion of the wheat industry.

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