NameDescription/Study Link
Dr. Amitava Chatterjee, North Dakota State UniversityNitrogen Use Efficiency of Spring Wheat Production System Across Western Minnesota
Dr. Ruth Dill-Macky, University of MinnesotaResearch on Bacterial Leaf Streak of Wheat
Dr. Jared J. Goplen, Morris Regional Extension CenterSouthern Minnesota Small Grains Research & Outreach Project
Dr. Lindsay Pease, University of Minnesota CrookstonThe Role of Water in Fertilizer Loss in Northwest Minnesota Wheat Production
Dr. Walid Sadok, University of MinnesotaMaximizing Canopy Conductance to Enhance Spring Wheat Yield Potential in the Upper Midwest
Dr. Senay Simsek, North Dakota State University2020 Hard Red Spring Wheat Regional Quality Survey
Dr. Jochum Wiersma, Northwest Research & Outreach CenterMinnesota Small Grains Pest Survey and Wheat Stem Sawfly Surveillance