To treat seed or not to treat seed is a question

Every year I get asked the question if a seed treatment is needed for small grains. Invariably my answer is that:

  • Yes, if your seedlot carries a seed-born disease like loose smut of wheat.
  • Yes, if you have a scabby seedlot
  • Possibly, if you have a known history of wireworms in a field
  • Possibly, if you’ve been in continuous small grains  (>2 years) and you started seeing a higher incidence of root rots like common root rot, Fusarium crown rot, or take-all.

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IPM Podcast: Pesticide regulation in the news for the 2022 growing season

Welcome to the IPM Podcast for Field Crops.

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This Podcast is sponsored by UMN Extension Integrated Pest Management (IPM). In this week’s podcast, we feature: Dr. Trisha Leaf, Research Scientist with the Minnesota Department of Agriculture Pesticide and Fertilizer Division.

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Challenging spring weather: What should growers be thinking about heading into May?

In this episode of the Nutrient Management Podcast, we discuss challenging spring weather and how growers can move forward. What are field conditions looking like around Minnesota? After a cold, wet April with not much fieldwork, what should growers be thinking about heading into May? How can growers better manage nutrients, and water, as Minnesota’s climate gets increasingly wetter?

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Gopher Coffee Shop podcast: Crop and weather conditions

In this installment of the Gopher Coffee Shop podcast, Extension educators Ryan Miller and Brad Carlson sit down with fellow educators Jared Goplen and Dave Nicolai to talk about crop and weather conditions across Minnesota and how this unusually cold spring might affect crop management decisions. We also talk about some of the upcoming University of Minnesota Extension summer educational opportunities. The second season of the Strategic Farming: Field Notes program will launch May 11 with a 2022 outlook. Field Notes is a weekly discussion-based program covering time relevant crop production topics. Register here and join us: Enjoy!

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Strategic Farming: Field Notes launches May 11 with weather and crop outlook

Join us for the Strategic Farming: Field Notes launch when we welcome Dennis Todey, Director of the USDA Midwest Climate Hub, for a weather outlook for the 2022 growing season.  Extension IPM Specialist Bruce Potter will give us an insect pest outlook and others will be on hand to talk about current crop concerns.

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Bonus Fridays with a Forester session May 27

How can DNR help your woods? A bonus session featuring two DNR foresters has been added on May 27.  Foresters Troy Holcomb and Amber Jungwirth will answer questions about your woods and help you find the right programs to meet your goals.

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Can I plant a cover crop if I used a PRE herbicide?

With postemergence herbicide supply issues creating challenges for 2022 and possibly into 2023, using a preemergence herbicide with residual activity as part of a weed management program is as important as ever. Preemergence herbicides can aid in the control of troublesome weeds such as waterhemp and giant ragweed. They can also result in lower weed densities and a more uniform weed height at the time of postemergence herbicide application, aid in the management of herbicide-resistant weeds, and ultimately help protect crop yield potential and profitability. What if you want to plant a cover crop later in the season? Will a residual herbicide that controls weeds also affect your cover crop?

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Upcoming crops events

  • Fridays with a Forester, online, 9-10 a.m. Upcoming topics include:
    • May 13 – Family Friendly Earth Care
    • May 27 – MN DNR Foresters (additional date added!)
  • Strategic Farming 2022: Field Notes
    • May 11 through the growing season, Wednesday mornings from 8-8:30 a.m.
  • Field Days
    • Agronomy Field Tour, June 22, SROC, Waseca
    • Crops & Soils Day, July 20, 2022, NWROC, Crookston
    • Institute for Ag Professionals Field School, July 20-21, St. Paul
    • Cover Crop Field Day:  Setting up for Success, Aug 18, 2022, SWROC, Lamberton
    • Crops Field Day, late August, RROC, Rosemount