The fourth installment of NDSU Extension’s Crop & Pest Report is now available!

In this issue:

  • Alfalfa weevil DD update
  • 2024 grasshopper forecast and scouting
  • The 2024 aster leafhopper migration has begun!
  • Exirel labeled for use in canola
  • Aster leafhopper outbreaks in N.D. and MN sugarbeet fields
  • Rhizoctonia and other soilborne diseases in sugarbeet
  • Update on cercospora leaf spot spore trapping
  • Lots of rain! Is my soil residual herbicide still present in soil?
  • Be cautious when using tank mixtures with multiple pesticides, especially with stress environmental conditions
  • Regulation of pesticide application by drones
  • Spray drone application principles
  • Around the State
  • Northeast ND
  • Northwest ND
  • South-Central/Southeast ND
  • The May 30 to June 5, 2024 weather summary and outlook

View the full report here.

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