The 6th issue of the NDSU Crop & Pest Report is here! In this issue you will find:
  • 2024 NDSU Annual Field Days
  • Collecting Leafy Spurge Flea Beetles
  • Cutworm Scouting
  • First Cereal Aphids in ND
  • Continue Scouting for Canola Flea Beetles
  • Fusarium Head Blight (Scab) Risk in ND
  • Stripe Rust Reports in ND
  • Fighting Phytophthora in Soybeans Pt. 2
  • Soybean Iron Deficiency Chlorosis
  • Project Safe Send Waste Pesticide Collections Slated for July
  • Know Your Nozzle
  • Does It Make Sense to Switch to Earlier Maturing Wheat Varieties?
  • Northeast ND
  • Northwest ND
  • South-Central/Southeast ND
  • Southwest ND
  • Weather Forecast

View the full report here.

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