Strategic Farming: Field Notes discussed prevent plant and late planting decisions

On June 8, 2022, Dr. Seth Naeve, UMN Extension soybean agronomist and UMN Extension ag business management educator, Dave Bau, joined UMN Extension educators Liz Stahl and Ryan Miller for a discussion about how to objectively evaluate options for fields that haven’t been planted yet. Is it better to plant soybeans or elect to take a prevented plant payment?  What are some of the adjustments one should consider when planting soybean late? These and other issues were addressed in the fifth episode of the 2022 Strategic Farming: Field Notes program.

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Use FieldWatch to locate pesticide sensitive sites before spraying

Off-target movement of pesticides is a concern for crop growers and their neighbors. For example, herbicide drift can damage adjacent crops and ornamental plants. When pesticide treatments are needed on crop fields, it is important to be aware of sensitive sites in the area. This has become an even greater concern with increased use of growth regulator (Group 4) herbicides which can cause plant injury at extremely low rates. Newer 2,4-D and dicamba product labels specify that surrounding areas should be surveyed for the presence of sensitive species prior to application. In addition, many other frequently used herbicides, such as glyphosate (Group 9), PPO-inhibitors (Group 14), and HPPD inhibitors (Group 27) have numerous label precautions to avoid drift onto sensitive plants. Use the FieldWatch map resource,, to help find the locations of sensitive crops in the area.

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Upcoming crops events

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