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Daily Digest – June 13, 2022

Small Grains Disease Update 06/09/2022

I now also found tan spot on some of the earliest seeded spring wheat. In this case, it was at one of the on-farm trial locations and some of the varieties in the trial were not only showing tan spot but also turned very pale to almost yellow.  Early infections of tan spot can indeed turn susceptible varieties yellow as the young seedlings respond almost systematically rather than just locally to the toxin that the tan spot fungus produces.  In older plants the toxin’s effect is limited to just the leaf tissue surrounding the tan spot lesion, yielding the telltale yellow halo.  The disease models for tan spot indicate that the weather is not been favorable for initial infection since the first of the month, meaning that the tan spot infections in this trial occurred in the last week of May and when the crop was just reaching the two-leaf stage.

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Strategic Farming Series: Field Notes #6

Join us Wednesday, June 15, for Field Notes when we welcome Drs. Tom Peters and Bob Koch to discuss managing soybean insects and weeds in June after a challenging spring. Bring your questions for the specialists!

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