Tonight, President Joseph Biden delivered his third State of the Union remarks to Congress. NAWG CEO Chandler Goule provided the following statement in response:

“While the President addressed many issues of importance to the American people – such as inflation, food prices, and food security – the costs of on-farm inputs and equipment remain high and concern many farmers. Currently, we are operating under a one-year farm bill extension, and coming off NAWG’s annual meeting, passing a long-term farm bill that supports farmers is one of our priorities and is at the top of our wheat growers’ minds. The 2018 farm bill was a high watermark for bipartisanship. As Congress and the Biden Administration continue to work on a long-term farm bill, we must build upon the 2018 Farm Bill by strengthening the farm safety net, enhancing our trade promotion programs, and supporting the voluntary conservation programs that work for wheat growers.

“NAWG will continue to work with Congress and the Biden Administration on policies that support farmers and recognize the uniqueness of wheat.”